Sonntag, 17. März 2019
Headlines above the roofs of Berlin

A glance behind the scenes of the Axel Springer-Verlag and the Bild-Zeitung

Foto: Petra Schönleber

Tuesday morning on 16th floor of the ‘Golden Tower’. The Bild journalists are going about their daily work. Dozens of screens are providing everyone with the latest news. Here, from 6 am in the morning until 1 am at night, the reporters are researching, writing, editing, pausing and are having conferences in different shifts. The atmosphere of the room is concentrated and busy, yet relaxed, as Chris Simon, the managing editor, guides us, the English advanced course, through the room to a sitting area in the back of it.

We talk about news and journalism in times of social media, the future of print newspapers and why almost only older people read the Bild-Zeitung. Another topic is the image of Bild and their signature style. Chris’ talk and him answering our questions is really interesting, and before we realize it, our hour with him is over.

Now, Gertrud Kolb, an employee of an affiliate of Axel Springer is there to pick us up. After taking the elevator to the ground level, we walk over to a co-working space called ‘the early bird’. In here, the work atmosphere comes across exactly as you would imagine it to be at a company like Google. People are working on desks surrounded by plants or having meetings on a sofa and everything is neatly decorated and furnished tastefully.

Gertrud walks us to a conference room, where she tells us about the history and situation of Axel Springer. We learn that the publishing house has over 200 affiliate brands and its goal is to become Europe’s leading digital publisher. It is already generating over 70% of its revenue in the digital field and has 15000 employees internationally. Axel Springer always made sure to emphasize that their employees are being journalists at heart.

However, the house has branches in a lot more fields than the new business today and it is an internationally company, that has an annual revenue of 3562 million Euros.

It seems as if the Axel Springer Verlag will most definitely stick around a while, even if printed newspapers might become extinct.

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